One last day with a view

Moving to a studio apartment tomorrow for my last five days in Malaga. So after a few hours wandering around my new area in a residential neighborhood four blocks away, I’m spending as much time as I can on the hotel’s roof top Terraza overlooking the harbor.

There are other amazing views in Malaga to enjoy, including tomorrow from the old Moorish fort, the Gibrafaro, just a couple blocks from here. But I’ll miss the stunning views of the city and the harbor here.

Yes, Cherie, it is the one armed lady, la Manquita.

If the AC Marriott Palacio was in Chicago, there’d be a 2-hour wait list. And it’s a sure bet they’d be charging a lot more than 3 euros- $3.42 – for glasses of excellent Riojo. And the appetizers- like grilled octopus, and foie gras with goat cheese- wouldn’t be nearly as large or inexpensive.

There’s even a small pool at one end. The place is amazing, and the fact you can’t always immediately find a table outside is a testament to it’s popularity and reputation among the locals.

This place is a real gem. The staff are excellent, attentive and unfailingly helpful. I won’t come back to Malaga without staying at least a couple nights here just for the experience.

The pool… largely unused.

And you can enjoy a cigar with your vino. Heaven by the harbor.

Staying up late tonight to watch the Bears game, starting at 10:40 pm local time. How’s that for Sunday night football?

Mas mañana. Go Bears!

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