Pre-dawn Singapore peace

I am sitting here on the 8th pool deck just after 6 a.m., waiting for the hotel restaurant to open.

The Singapore sky is a beautifully muted blue, with large white cloud fragments drifting steadily toward me from over the tall modern buildings off in the distance, blown by a wonderfully soft, almost cool pre-dawn breeze.

Further off to my right, a heavier, larger and elongated cloud seems to billow up like smoke from behind two skyscrapers, speeding out as it drifts, a white soupiness across the sky.

The aerator system in the pool creates a constant stream of dripping sounds like a water meditation. And the air is a soft kiss on my skin.

I’m in no hurry for breakfast, not even coffee, and certainly in no hurry to see the sun rise.

This is a piece of heaven.

Hello Singapore

Landed at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning- 2 pm Monday Chicago time, after a 16-plus hour flight that was more pleasant than many eight hour flights I’ve been on. Quickly got through customs and took the MRT rapid transit line from Changi Airport out to the Serangoon neighborhood. It’s hot and huuu-mid here. But I love it.

View from the Hilton Garden Inn pool deck. Great location from which to explore Singapore’s numerous neighborhoods.

Front desk staff at the Hilton Garden Inn Serangoon were wonderful when we walked in at 8 a.m., all sticky and sweaty and a full seven hours early for check in. Nick gave us two comp breakfast tokens and showers up on the pool level washrooms.

We were showered and fed and unpacking in our room by 9 a.m. Top floor with a great view of the tropical cloud formations over part of the downtown skyline on the back side of the hotel from the pool.

That’s a cricket club down below in the foreground. Wonder if I’m going to get to see any wicked googlies while we’re here. Not that I’d know what one looks like.

Anyways, off to an auspicious beginning.

A gorgeous Saturday in beautiful San Francisco

Downtown San Francisco viewed from the park on Mission Delores.

Flight to ‘Frisco on American was meh, but had a good sleep at the Hilton Garden Inn and are heading out on a three or four hour jaunt to the San Francisco Mission District. Then hang out at the hotel before leaving for the airport after dinner.

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous.

Looking forward to our 10:20 pm departure tonight.

9,358 miles, 13 time zones

We depart Saturday afternoon for a 4 1/2 hour flight to San Francisco. The next night we board an A350-900 for a 17 hour flight to Singapore.

That’s both on the other side of the world and on the other side of the clock- I’ll be watching “Morning Joe” on Live Stream over a glass of wine at 6pm in the evening.

Asia. Ancient temples overgrown by jungle. Urban rivers crowded with myriad water craft, gleaming modern cities and timeless rural settings where people have dwelt for millennia. Wonderful foods and flavors found no where else.

Getting excited. This will be an adventure. I haven’t been in Southeast Asia since 1974, when it was a very different place. And we get to fly Singapore Airlines, the best air carrier in the world.

Many posts to come. Hope they capture what we experience.

Jun 8 Sat- Depart Chicago 2:30 pm – arrive San Francisco 5 pm

Jun 9 Sun- Depart San Francisco 10:15 pm

Jun 11 Tues- Arrive Singapore 5:55 a.m. 

Jun 11 Tues – Jun 15 Sat: Singapore

Jun 16 Sun – Jun 22 Sat: Bali

Jun 23 Sun – Jun 27 Thur: Bangkok

Jun 28 Fri – July 1 Mon: Siem Reap, Cambodia/Ankor Wat

July 2 Tues – July 4 Thur: Singapore

July 5 Fri – Depart Singapore 9:25 am- arrive San Francisco 9:40 am

July 5 Fri – July 7 Sun: San Francisco

July 8 Mon – Depart San Francisco 2:20 pm- arrive Chicago 8:18 pm