Pre-dawn Singapore peace

I am sitting here on the 8th pool deck just after 6 a.m., waiting for the hotel restaurant to open.

The Singapore sky is a beautifully muted blue, with large white cloud fragments drifting steadily toward me from over the tall modern buildings off in the distance, blown by a wonderfully soft, almost cool pre-dawn breeze.

Further off to my right, a heavier, larger and elongated cloud seems to billow up like smoke from behind two skyscrapers, speeding out as it drifts, a white soupiness across the sky.

The aerator system in the pool creates a constant stream of dripping sounds like a water meditation. And the air is a soft kiss on my skin.

I’m in no hurry for breakfast, not even coffee, and certainly in no hurry to see the sun rise.

This is a piece of heaven.

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