Hello Singapore

Landed at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning- 2 pm Monday Chicago time, after a 16-plus hour flight that was more pleasant than many eight hour flights I’ve been on. Quickly got through customs and took the MRT rapid transit line from Changi Airport out to the Serangoon neighborhood. It’s hot and huuu-mid here. But I love it.

View from the Hilton Garden Inn pool deck. Great location from which to explore Singapore’s numerous neighborhoods.

Front desk staff at the Hilton Garden Inn Serangoon were wonderful when we walked in at 8 a.m., all sticky and sweaty and a full seven hours early for check in. Nick gave us two comp breakfast tokens and showers up on the pool level washrooms.

We were showered and fed and unpacking in our room by 9 a.m. Top floor with a great view of the tropical cloud formations over part of the downtown skyline on the back side of the hotel from the pool.

That’s a cricket club down below in the foreground. Wonder if I’m going to get to see any wicked googlies while we’re here. Not that I’d know what one looks like.

Anyways, off to an auspicious beginning.

2 thoughts on “Hello Singapore”

    1. The very first thing I did upon exiting the rapid transit station near the hotel this morning was to, without thinking, clear my throat and spit into the street. Realized what I’d done and looked around warily. Nobody noticed. ButI thought Cherie was gonna pass out.


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