9,358 miles, 13 time zones

We depart Saturday afternoon for a 4 1/2 hour flight to San Francisco. The next night we board an A350-900 for a 17 hour flight to Singapore.

That’s both on the other side of the world and on the other side of the clock- I’ll be watching “Morning Joe” on Live Stream over a glass of wine at 6pm in the evening.

Asia. Ancient temples overgrown by jungle. Urban rivers crowded with myriad water craft, gleaming modern cities and timeless rural settings where people have dwelt for millennia. Wonderful foods and flavors found no where else.

Getting excited. This will be an adventure. I haven’t been in Southeast Asia since 1974, when it was a very different place. And we get to fly Singapore Airlines, the best air carrier in the world.

Many posts to come. Hope they capture what we experience.

Jun 8 Sat- Depart Chicago 2:30 pm – arrive San Francisco 5 pm

Jun 9 Sun- Depart San Francisco 10:15 pm

Jun 11 Tues- Arrive Singapore 5:55 a.m. 

Jun 11 Tues – Jun 15 Sat: Singapore

Jun 16 Sun – Jun 22 Sat: Bali

Jun 23 Sun – Jun 27 Thur: Bangkok

Jun 28 Fri – July 1 Mon: Siem Reap, Cambodia/Ankor Wat

July 2 Tues – July 4 Thur: Singapore

July 5 Fri – Depart Singapore 9:25 am- arrive San Francisco 9:40 am

July 5 Fri – July 7 Sun: San Francisco

July 8 Mon – Depart San Francisco 2:20 pm- arrive Chicago 8:18 pm 

2 thoughts on “9,358 miles, 13 time zones”

  1. Do you leave the country every year on June 9th? Have a great adventure and be safe. I look forward to the word pictures…and pictures.


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