Smithing copper like 1500 AD

We Americans like to refer to ourselves as “hard working,’ and many of us are. But with the exception of some blue collar folk who actually do labor hard each day, American’s can’t hold a candle to the hard work I’ve seen in parts of Morocco.

Just about everything in much of the country is produced manually. Food, personal care products, medicines, furniture and rugs and woodwork, utensils and kitchenware, art and music. Created every day, the way it has for hundreds of years, for more than a thousand years.

I’ll post three examples tonight. A coppersmith. A marble sign carver. And the women who labor at making carpets and wall coverings.

Below is a young man who spends his days in the old Res medina meticulously pounding out copper pans. No stamping press here, just careful human workmanship.

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