Wine, music, The Blacklist …

A good day yesterday. Spent entire morning writing and sipping coffee on a plaza near my Riad.

Spent the early afternoon wandering around aimlessly, and wouldn’t ya know it, came across that nondescript wine store.

Back in the neighborhood (I think of it as my hood) I had a hammam treatment. Lovely.

Along the way, I came across the guy below, a sort of Moroccan Rat Packer busking near my Riad. Pretty good, but I didn’t wait around for “My Way.”

I wonder if he believes “if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere”?

Frank Sinatra, gone native

And in the evening, the wine, chicken “Chawarma,” as they call it, and …

God bless Netflix

By the way, what would you call this? A “burka” for wine bottles? Wine is somehow needing to be hidden away from sight like women’s faces, but I’ve been offered marijuana, hash and pot cookies half a dozen times in the past two days. (Couldn’t get a photo of that, of course).

The things an infidel has to go through just to enjoy some wine with dinner.

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