Rock, blues, jazz, soul, funk folk and … kraut?

Whenever I’m in some new place, I’m always happy when I see a record store touting vinyl records. We lost something with the “progress” that resulted in vinyl becoming obsolete.

So I was pleased to see “Vinil Experience” on the main drag near my guest house in Lisbon.

With, apparently, the exception of country & western and rap, the store has every type of music recorded on vini- uh, vinyl.

Hard (rock), soul, funk, progressive, psychedelic, “garage” band, beat, pop acid, folk, jazz and “stoner,” which made me laugh, because that label could be applied to just about any type of music, I’d think.

But… kraut? I mean, German people have made a serious contribution to all sorts of music, including rock – danke, Michael Schenker – but I don’t recall ever hearing that there was a genre of music called “kraut,” unless you’re referring to people in lederhosen hopping about playing tiny accordions.

So I will be venturing inside the store tomorrow to delve into this mystery and get back to you all.

After all, Thin Lizzy. Rory Gallagher and U2 aside, there’s never been a musical classification termed “mick,” has there?

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