The ramshackle beauty of the Porto skyline

I’m very tired and quite content as 5 o’clock approaches in the Yellow House in the Vila Nova de Gaia overlooking Porto on the other side of the River Douro.

No one photo does the ramshackle beauty of the Porto skyline justice. Only the human eye scanning from right to left and back can capture it’s mesmerizing tumble down attraction.

And the food and wine. OMG.

View of Porto from the back room of Luis Martin’s Tasca restaurant in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Much to post, but I’m too lazy this evening after carrying some 65 pounds of luggage 500 meters, most of which was “up.” A photo and a video will have to do for the moment.

View from the Douro River Ferry as it moves away from the Porto side over to the Gaia side.

Oh, yes. The view behind me schlepping to my new lodging…

… and the view looking up at part of the distance I still had to go.

I wanted to take a photo of the third segment of the climb after I turned right for two blocks, but I was too busy fending off a heart attack.

That said, my late lunch and the view was fabulous, so I’ll stop complaining.

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