Scouting my next stop

Woke up and opened my curtains to this site this morning.

A quite delightful way to wake to your day. After breakfast I headed out to Badalona on the excellent public transit system.

The small sea side city of Badalona is about three or four miles north of the Barcelona city limits, around 10 or 12 minutes away by the T4 tram line and a transfer to the R1 Renfe train.

I’m headed there tomorrow afternoon, but this morning I decided to scout it out to see if the reality on the ground matched the maps. As usual, there were a few differences.

That isn’t a problem when I’m wandering about in shorts and a pull over. But tomorrow I’ll be lugging two pieces of heavy luggage, and the difference between “a short walk away” and the actual 10 minutes and six blocks can be a bitch to deal with.

In any event, there’ll be no surprises tomorrow. So I can just look forward to the next five days. And this.

Badalona has a very laid back beach town ambiance mixed with a working class feel. Nice mix. And more affordable than Barcelona.

Beginning of the main drag along the beach, about a block from the train station. The train continues along the beachfront (to the right). There are numerous underpasses to the beach.
The Hotel Miramar, where I’ll stay days three through five in Badalona.
Gotta love Good deals, and 4 x AA miles per dollar to boot.

I don’t feel so bad posting this for folks back home, as I hear it’s going to hit 60 degrees in the next day or two. Enjoy it. You’ve paid your dues for this winter.

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