Watching simple human joy on a terribly sad day

Was watching “Morning Rachel” via MSNBC Live Stream when the shouts and cheers of hundreds of kids came up through my open window.

Appears they were having some sort of mass Mommy-Daddy-kiddie race on the Career de Santa Madrona. 

First they ran one way.

Then they ran back the other way. 

All for the simple human joy of running and shouting and laughing and cheering.

Later the voices of hundreds of children could be heard chanting and singing the Queen lyric, “We will, we will rock you!”

A minute or two later, the tape of the Maddow show was cut short, and news and video of the horrid New Zealand massacre came on my screen.

And I was once again reminded of Sarah Young’s sad wisdom: “This is a fallen world where sorrows and blessings intermingle freely.”

I’m going for a long train ride up the beach now, and will try to focus on all His blessings. And sunny mornings when people run joyously.

Not fearfully.

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