Long day getting to and exploring Chefchaouen. Need to tend to my ankle after all the very steep uphill walking. These people are just naturally fit, dealing with these incredible- by Chicago standards- climbs every day.

In the meantime, a few photos enroute and in Chefchaouen. The drive here is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in America. We know nothing about winding, snaking roads compared to Moroccans.

More later.

Ten or so miles outside of Chefchaouen.
The entrance to the more than 500 year old Medina doesn’t look like much …
… but at the top is the main plaza …
… off of which are numerous passage ways brimming with small shops.

And the walk back down? Much easier.

One of half a dozen stairways before you reach the top, and that after walking about three blocks up similar streets. I think a main sport of the Chefchaouens is laughing at tired, huffing and puffing westerners taking countless photographs.

4 thoughts on “Chefchaouen”

  1. Stunning and beautiful. Looks like streets are incredibly clean (of course, maybe someone just walks through with a leaf blower and sends everything down the mountain). This is really an epic experience. It seems like something Teddy Roosevelt would do.


    1. Well, Teddy’d ride up the hill on a horse shouting “Bully!” đŸ™‚
      Btw, they sweep the street regularly, both here and in Seville and Malaga, Spain. People actually walking around with brooms and a pan. Of course, from what I’ve seen, people don’t just throw stuff on the ground, either.


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