There’s traffic jams, and there’s Moroccan traffic jams

Leaving my hotel in Chefchaouen this morning for the bus station turned out to be a one of a kind adventure.

What should have taken no more than five minutes took more than twenty because of some idiot who thought he owned both sides of the road.

That said, it was kinda fun. It sure as hell was one of a kind.

The guy in the truck facing my taxi was trying to battle through the market day chaos, which is something to see. Everyone was doing there best to get up or down a massively congested street with as little hassle as necessary.

But this guy decided, since he couldn’t zip through the crowd on his side of the street, he’d just drive into oncoming traffic.

My driver took it all in stride for a minute or two, then honked his horn. And honked again. Then got really annoyed and laid on the horn.

After a minute or so, the jerk gets out of his truck and comes over yelling at my driver, like my driver’s the one who’s done something wrong.

That’s when our self-appointed traffic cop – and I say that with all respect – stepped in.

He confronts the clown and tells him to get back into his truck- well, as best I could tell.

And he gives the guy a “I’ll give ya such a smack!” gesture.

But the best photo didn’t get taken. Because after another five minutes of our traffic cop and three other guys yelling at him to back the f’ up, the guy cuts in on a driver to his right, and moves forward, but at an angle, so he’s still blocking oncoming traffic.

That’s when the traffic enforcer and two other guys walk over to left rear of the jerk’s truck, bend down, and – I kid you not – lift the rear end up and over two feet and set it down, straightening the truck out, and finally allowing my driver to get past.

Ya won’t see that in the States.

3 thoughts on “There’s traffic jams, and there’s Moroccan traffic jams”

    1. I just wondered if we were ever going to get through and make my bus. By the end I was laughing, it all was so ridiculous.


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